Generation Equality Forum: Mexico City 29-31 March 2021

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Generation Equality Forum: Mexico City 29-31 March 2021


The Forum in Mexico City will kick off the Generation Equality Forum journey by raising awareness and making a public call for action. It will make the case for strengthening women intergenerational and transformative leadership and accelerated action on gender equality by analyzing progress and gaps since the 1995 Beijing Women’s conference, including the heightened urgency posed by the COVID crisis.

With civil society at its core, the Forum in Mexico City will reinforce the power and voice of feminist movements and youth, as well as the commitment and action of different stake holders, with the participation of high-level representatives from Member States, civil society organizations, private sector, and international organizations in the drive to achieve gender equality. The Forum will highlight the agenda of women in vulnerable situations like indigenous women, afro-descendants, poor and rural women, women with disabilities and LGBTQI+.

As a global public conversation for urgent action and accountability for gender equality, the Generation Equality Forum in Mexico City will promote a systemic and transformative change that accelerates the implementation of the Beijing Platform of Action (BPA) and the Agenda 2030 and leads to gender equality, resilience, and sustainability in a world affected by COVID-19. Overall, the GEF Mexico will:

  • Ensure a multi-stakeholder and human rights approach.
  • Promote intergenerational and intersectional balanced representation.
  • Ensure that COVID-19 is transversal to all parts of the agenda.
  • Strengthen the women's movement and civil society activism.
  • Promote high-level political commitment and action.

The GEF Mexico will feature the launch of the blueprints of the GEF Action Coalitions and the Compact on Women and Peace and Security and Humanitarian Action. It will kick off a Global Call to Action and the multi-stakeholder mobilization of action and accountability for gender equality. It will ensure prominent public awareness and support to the gender equality agenda.

The event will leverage the power of civic activism, youth leadership, and feminist mobilizing and intersectional engagement to drive commitments and demand accountability for the realization of gender equality and the empowerment of all women and girls. The platform of the forum will have resilience and healing spaces for intergenerational, intersectional and inspirational dialogue on transformative power, networking spaces to showcase and learn from the good practices, advocacy tools, and mobilization experiences and challenges in the field as well as cultural and creative spaces to promote inclusive citizen engagement.

The leadership of Mexico in the Generation Equality Forum is in line with its Feminist Foreign Policy and its priority programs for the equality between women and men.

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