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Vision of Benin Girls by 2063

 We, the young girls of Benin, are the Equality Generation.

Change will only happen with us and with all the youth of the country. Today we are between 12 and 25 years old, but in 2063 we will be between 55 and 68 years old. Most of our lives will be behind us, but our work will not be over. We will pass on our values and commitment to the next generation.

We hope to give them a world where equality between women and men is a reality;

A society where every girl and woman can unlock her full potential;

A generation that generates role models and free women to inspire girls in all areas of life;

An Africa where girls and women not only have the right to dream big and pursue their dreams but are even encouraged to do so;

Last but not least, an Africa where it is perfectly normal for a girl or a woman to show her full potential, and where declarations of gender equality will no longer be necessary.

This is our vision for 2063 that we convey with the hope and determination to be heard in order to change the course of things and accelerate the fight towards gender equality




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