Magnim Andréa N'Gbanla


Magnim Andréa N'Gbanla     ( Journalist, Director of Publication)

Magnim Andréa N'Gbanla  is a journalist (web and radio) since 2006 and a web journalist since 2011, where she practices daily the production, publication and promotion of contents. Informing for Magnim, is not only a passion, but also a requirement.

Among the most significant projects she has taken part in are "Cannes vu Par", a training program on the sidelines of the 65th Cannes International Film Festival in France, and the International Leadership Visitor Program (IVLP) of the U.S. State Department.

Whether it's for gathering or disseminating information, she uses on a daily basis, the media available at Radio Pyramide where she currently works and  popular social networks.

Ms. Andrea Magnim has a long experience in journalism. From reporter, radio host, special envoy of international radios, correspondent in Togo of Journalists Without Borders, she is now the director of publication of the information website TOGOONAIR.COM.

Blogger, this passionate journalist was a member of the jury "AMBASSADRICE UEMOA 2011" and received in 2011, the trophy of best journalist radio presenter at the 3rd edition of the "Night of Communicators" in Togo.