Akouvi Dziedzom HONKOU


Akouvi Dziedzom HONKOU     ( CSO Director)

Akouvi Dziedzom HONKOU is a gender specialist from the University of Geneva and is committed to the socio-economic empowerment of women and girls at the grassroots level.

She is very active in gender equality issues and the fight against violence against women. Through her multiple field missions, Akouvi Dziedzom HONKOU provides entrepreneurial training, capacity building in leadership, as well as training on digital technology to women and girls in various parts of the country.

Her social commitment earned her the "African Leadership Model Award", delivered in Ibadan, Nigeria, on February 7, 2020, and the "Woman of Influence Recognition", on December 12, 2020, during the National Women's Leadership Forum.

Akouvi Dziedzom HONKOU is the current Executive Director of Coude à Coude pour le Développement, abbreviated to CCDF, a women's civil society organization in Togo. She is also the Country Coordinator of the Euro-African Platform on Poverty and Immigration - ECOPPAM.

She is the initiator of several programs including: - The "Platform of Volunteers for the Prevention and Control of the Coronavirus in Togo - PVPLC, a platform bringing together individuals and legal entities for a successful fight against the coronavirus in our country; - VBG Platforms, a digital platform dedicated to education and awareness on gender-based violence; - Femmes d'Impact TV, an E-television dedicated to the promotion of gender and female leadership.

Born in Kpadapé, in the Kloto prefecture, Akouvi Dziedzom HONKOU is a mother