Essivi Sinmégnon ACAKPO-ADDRA Epouse TSONYA


Essivi Sinmégnon ACAKPO-ADDRA Epouse TSONYA     ( Executive Director of the NGO Women Environmental Programme Togo (WEP-TOGO) and National President of CF-REDD+))

Mrs. ACAKPO-ADDRA Essivi Sinmégnon Epouse TSONYA, 34 years old, is an Environmental Biologist Engineer and Executive Director of the NGO Women Environmental Programme Togo (WEP-TOGO) based in Togo.

She studied at the University of Lomé and then at 2iE University in Burkina Faso where she obtained her BAC+5 (Bachelor and Master degree). She is a young lady climate activist, who has worked considerably for climate justice in Togo.

Committed to the cause of gender and environment since 2013, she has worked in three major organizations at the national level including, WEP-TOGO, the Consortium Femmes REDD+ (CF-REDD+ TOGO) and the Collectif National des Organisations des Femmes pour l'Environnement au Togo (CONAFE).

Her actions have impacted more than 20,000 women mainly through the implementation of resilience actions for women farmers and rural women in the face of climate change, and in the sustainable management of natural resources (land and forests).

She has set up an agro-ecological farm to support rural women farmers in their resilience to climate change, a capacity building framework for rural women in Togo for the transfer of technology for adaptation to climate change.

As a women's representative in the National REDD+ committee in Togo and through her advocacy actions carried out by the networks to which she belongs, she has influenced policies at the national level for the involvement of women and the consideration of their concerns in the national strategy of the Reducing Greenhouse Gas Emissions from Deforestation and Forest Degradation (REDD+) project in Togo. 

She has also contributed to the capacity building of about 60 women's organizations working in forest governance on climate justice. 

She is a strong and very rigorous woman leader, with many qualities, that has impacted the lives of women in Togo since 2013 and has brought about a positive change in the lives of women in terms of women's rights in relation to climate justice.

Her leadership values in the fight against climate change were recognized internationally in 2019 by the former French President François HOLLANDE in Paris through an international award from the Fondation la France s'Engage (FFE).

In December 2020, Mrs. Essivi Sinmégnon ACAKPO-ADDRA Epouse TSONYA was awarded three specific prizes, including Woman of Influence, Green Ambassador and Prize on Energy Transition in Togo.