Essivi Mimi BOSSOU-SOEDJEDE     ( Director of the house of TV5MONDE/Togo/Entrepreneur)

Essivi Mimi BOSSOU-SOEDEDE is listed in titles like: - City Councilor - Director of the Maison TV5MONDE du Togo - Founder and Executive Director of the Association Précieux Trésor de Vie (APTV) - Director of MICHCA SARL - Director of Ados'TV - Director of publication of the magazines Ados Mag' (for teenagers) and Bakan'(for children) - Lecturer and facilitator in women's empowerment, Gender Equality, Women's Leadership.

Today, Essivi Mimi BOSSOU SOEDJEDE is a very dynamic woman, passionate and committed to the empowerment of women, the development of young girls, female leadership, the integral development of children and youth, education and culture.

A Togolese national, she is married with three children and has many strings to her bow.

After her bachelor's degree and her university diploma in management technology, she worked for 20 years in responsibility positions in different structures such as Commercial Manager at YENTOUMI COMPANY from 1991 to 1999, Director of ETS GBC from 1999 to 2006 (General Commerce and Services), Representative of the American Company of Translation, JPD SYSTEMS from 2004 to 2006, Administrative Assistant at SAFECO (Company of Audit of Finance-Taxation, Accounting Expertise and Organization of the Companies from 2007 to 2009, Manager of TOP BUREAU (Company of Trade of office automation equipment) from 2009 to 2011.

She will resign from this last position in 2011 to devote herself to her passion of being an agent of social and cultural development. Starting from her desire since high school not to be passive in the development issues of her country,  in 2003, she started children meetings for educational, social and cultural actions.

In 2004, she became the Founding President, and later, Executive Director of the Association Précieux Trésor de Vie (APTV). This association has been working for 17 years, on one hand for the socio-cultural and educational development of children and young people and on the other hand, it has assigned itself the mission of accompanying women, the basis of the family unit, in the defense of their rights and in the fight for their empowerment.

Essivi Mimi BOSSOU-SOEDJEDE will later create by her association, the House TV5MONDE of TOGO in 2011 to continue permanently its commitment to education, social and cultural.

The TV5MONDE home is a cultural space and a place of learning, leisure, relaxation and discovery intended primarily for youth but open to other events and meetings. It will continue to build its capacity through participation in training and immersion programs in France and the United States.

Her dedication to the cause of the Francophonie and to women has led to her being selected to participate in national and international conferences. The cause of women is for her an essential mission. She will thus receive various distinctions. - EGBE NANA in 2019 by ProCEMA in partnership with the European Union - Influential woman of TOGO in 2019 by the NGO PPDC Africa - VLISCO Ambassador of the VAC in 2015, title with which she reinforced her fight against pregnancies in schools, a scourge that slows down the evolution of several young girls towards their success and empowerment. She also invested during her tenure to support rural women in acquiring work tools for their economic empowerment. She leads her fight for young girls and women but she is also recognized as being very invested in youth issues and more specifically in adolescent issues with annual events, programs and publications such as: - WOMEN TOGETHER: an annual meeting dedicated to young girls to exchange, discuss, learn, and train from successful role models on their particular challenges and the skillful and thoughtful means necessary to establish their emergence, growth and leadership - CONFEJEL - Conference of Young Leaders , a meeting that brings together since 2017 and each year more than 500 young people facing models of success.

- "DEUXIEME CHANCE (Second Chance)-Jeunes filles mères (Young mothers) " dedicated to young mothers who could not continue their studies to ensure, to their children and to themselves, a better future.


- "DEMAIN C'EST EUX (It will be them tomorrow)" with different projects to give a taste for school and hope to underprivileged children and to help today's children become responsible adults of tomorrow.

- Ados' Mag, the information and education magazine for teenagers.

- Bakan', the book magazine for children.

Municipal councilor in the commune of Gulf 5 of TOGO, elected in June 2019, secretary general of the Association of Local Elected Women of TOGO (FELT), Essivi Mimi BOSSOU-SOEDJEDE is open-minded and very creative. Her social commitment is coupled with entrepreneurship. She is the general manager and founder of MICHCA SARL, a social enterprise that works in publishing, audiovisual, training, trade and service.

This makes her also the director of Ados' TV, the Web TV with teenagers by teenagers and for teenagers and soon in preparation for 2021, the Web TV of women, a space for the promotion and valorization of all women without any discrimination whatsoever, a platform to shed light on WOMEN.

Going to remote hamlets or traveling to large cities and countries to explore other cultures, immersing herself in the audiovisual world in her spare time or spending time reading are all sources of inspiration for her to innovate, create and initiate new actions to follow her dreams and continue to meet the needs of the communities she is committed to serve.