Rolande Djatougbe Aziaka


Rolande Djatougbe Aziaka     ( Director EcoConscience TV/ Representative Co-Facilitator of UNEP NGO Major Group)

Rolande Aziaka, known legally as Djatougbe Akouvi Aziaka, is a young bilingual (French and English) journalist, presenter, TV presenter and a social entrepreneur.

She is the Director and Founder of the Togolese Media Company Eco Conscience TV, the first theme-based web TV in Togo, specializing in environmental issues and sustainable development.* Considered one of the few and young press bosses in Togo, Rolande has more than 8 years of experience on environmental issues as a journalist (print, radio, television and social media).

She has a professional degree in Journalism from the Institute of Information Sciences, Communication and Arts (ISICA), University of Lome. She holds a Professional French Diploma, International Relations (C1), CCI Paris Ile-de-France. Among the 10 young Togolese laureates of MANDELA WASHINGTON FELLOWSHIP 2018, initiated by Barack Obama, she studied Business and Entrepreneurship at Drake University in the IOWA, a prestigious universities in the USA.

She is also a graduate of the Global Change leaders Certificate 2019 program at Coady International Institute, St Francis Xavier University, Antigonish, Nova Scotia, Canada, where she studied Leadership and Gender.

As of February 2021, she has been elected as a representative, co-chair of the United Nations Environment Program NGO Major Group for the 2021-2023 term. President of the WELFARE Association, she was the representative of the African region in the Civil Society Organizations Panel (CSO PANEL) of the United Nations Convention to Combat Desertification (UNCCD) for the 2018-2019 biennium.


Djatougbe is a regular participant in the UNFCCC climate negotiations and other negotiations under UNEP, SAICM and BRS programs and conventions. Welfare Togo is involved in capacity building projects in rural communities in which rural populations are trained on how to use forest and wildlife resources in a sustainable manner.

The organization has also carried out a project aimed at students and schools in which environmental clubs have been created. In these clubs, students organize debates to discuss environmental challenges, including those related to erosion, deforestation, climate change, saving nature. A project that received the Energy Globe Award, UN Environment. Her actions have earned her several national and international recognitions.

She is one of 52 Togolese women selected for the "Egbé nana" project, initiated by the European Union. This project aims to highlight the careers of these 52 women who are considered as models of female leadership that can inspire the younger generation.