Claire Akossiwa AYIVON


Claire Akossiwa AYIVON     ( Professional Athlete)

Miss Claire Akossiwa AYIVON was born on August 11, 1996 in Togoville in the prefecture of VO.

She was orphaned from birth and was the youngest child of a family of five children, including 3 girls and 2 boys. Coming from a modest family and raised by her mother with the support of her brothers, sisters, aunts and uncles.

Claire Akossiwa AYIVON studied up to the BEPC level in 2016 at the Lycée Agbodrafo. Her passion for rowing led her to leave her parents to settle in Agbodrafo where she began her professional career: ROWING.

A native of Lake Togo, Claire began her practice of rowing as an amateur in the Club Etoile du Lac de Togoville. What initially was pure pleasure in 2012, will become a real passion to which this young girl from the Lake will cling to become today an internationally recognized professional.

Togolese champion in 2015, Togolese rower Claire Akossiwa AYIVON was selected by the Togolese Rowing and Canoe Kayak Federation and the National Olympic Committee to represent Togo at the Rio de Janeiro Olympic Games in 2016. Previously, Miss AYIVON participated in major championships and benefited from internships in Rowing in other countries including Algeria, Morocco, France, China, Spain, Japan, Germany and Tunisia where she was qualified for the very first in history from Togo in October 2019.

His brilliant and historic qualification for the Tokyo 2021 Olympic Games remains the fruit of his experiences and his very rich career.

Currently, Claire is preparing ardently on the site of Lake Togo in order to win the second Olympic medal for Togo after that of Benjamin BOUKPETI in 2008.

Passionate about this water sport, she aims to become a trainer for young girls in this discipline which already brings together around her a pool of young girls whom she trains and who are ready to conquer the world.