Kafui Hanou AMEKO


Kafui Hanou AMEKO     ( Gender Specialist/ Woman For Young Women Founder)

Known on social networks as Raïssa AMEKO, she is Kafui Hanou AMEKO, Togolese by nationality.

Dynamic, committed, and passionate about youth and gender issues, she is a Youth Advisor, Gender Specialist and Social Entrepreneur.

His journey can be summed up in one sentence: a life built around a dream, that from the age of 14 to dedicate his life to the social cause; This has guided her career and her choices on all levels and made her a model and an inspiration for young people, girls and women in Togo and elsewhere.

On the social level, from its social actions from adolescence in favor of vulnerable children and young girls, it will formalize its commitment by the creation in 2017 of the association Woman for Young Women (WYW) which has for vision to arouse a generation young girls leaders with a life built around their dreams and who contribute to social change in their environment.

Promoter of a School called "School of Vision" exclusively dedicated to supporting young girls and young women in the realization of their dreams of life; A school that has become an international benchmark through its impact on the lives of beneficiaries.

She is also Founder of the `` Maison de Vision '', an online platform that offers an integrated service package (awareness raising, training, support, training package, books) around vision to professionals, leaders, entrepreneurs and young people.

Professionally, her career is also focused on youth and gender. After his first steps in international non-governmental organizations dedicated to children and youth (Christian Children Fund, SENEGAL, Right to Play Ghana, Oxfam Beni).

In her career in the Togolese administration since 2009, she worked respectively at the State Secretariat in charge of youth (2009-2010), at the Ministry in charge of grassroots development, Crafts, youth and 'youth employment (2010-2016) as well as to the Ministry in charge of development planning (2016 to date) with various responsibilities: coordination of youth projects and programs and youth employment; focal point on various themes (youth, hiv and aids in young people, gender, etc.); coordination of youth associations in Togo, head of citizenship division; planning of strategies, public and sector policies, projects and programs, with an active part in the process of developing strategies, such as the national development plan (PND 2018-2022);

Consultant on the process of developing policies such as the national gender policy and strategy of Togo etc ... She also participated in several meetings at the national, regional and international level for advocacy, high-level decisions and actions in favor of girls, women and young people.

She is also a career guidance consultant for the Career Direct group, an international American organization specializing in career and life guidance which supports individuals and companies in the area of ​​personality and skills assessment as well as in the redeployment of their staff. .

Through her initiatives, she has been the object of prizes and distinctions among others:  June 2019 to date: Member of the Woman In Africa Entrepreneurs Club (WIA), Woman in Africa Promotion 2019 Laureate for the best innovators in social entrepreneurship in Africa and Togo;  Advertorials in 2020 (EGBENANA funded by the European Union) on inspiring women and female leadership models in Togo;  Prize of the International Conference of Women Leaders 2019 for the best young people influencing the spiritual, administrative or political and social life in their living environment;  Counted in 2013 among the 40 young Francophone women leaders (Africa, Europe and Canada), having led international advocacy for the improvement of the living conditions of young girls in the Francophone space.  National and international infomercials (Togolese National Television; RFI, AMINA Magazines, Diane MAGAZINE, OCEANS, TOGOMATIN etc.)