Candide BAMEZON-LEGUEDE     ( Regional President of the Federation of Women Entrepreneurs and Businesswomen of ECOWAS (FEFA ECOWAS))

Madame Candide Bamezon-Leguede, Business Lawyer, specialized in Business Management, is one of the women with enormous potential.

Strong woman and woman of character, her love for a job well done and her rigor have earned her her reputation for more than 35 years where she has evolved in positions of high responsibility in large institutions such as the Regional Office for Africa. RESEARCH TRIANGLE INSTITUTE (RTI), the Regional Office for Africa of FUTURES GROUP INTERNATIONAL, Regional Office for West and Central Africa of PATHFINDER INTERNATIONAL and the TOGO / BENIN Office of USAID.

In 1999, after returning from Dakar, Senegal, she decided to use her professional experience for the benefit of her own company.

She therefore created ARCANDIA, a company of Handicrafts and Services. From her personal experience, Ms. LEGUEDE very quickly understood the enormous potential available to women and that with adequate supervision this potential can be liberalized, a real asset for the country economically.

This is how she created the Entrepreneurial Center for Business Women of Togo called "INNOV'UP" with a female startup incubator, the first of its kind in TOGO and West Africa. This institution's mission is to promote and develop female entrepreneurship through active and integrated support for economic initiatives with high potential for wealth creation and job generation.

INNOV’UP has supported more than 100 young female entrepreneurs since its creation in December 2015.

Ms. LEGUEDE, is the current Regional President of the Federation of Women Entrepreneurs and Businesswomen of ECOWAS, a regional representation of women entrepreneurs in the private sector of ECOWAS. She continues to use her leadership for the benefit of other women.

Her national and international commitment to the emergence of African women has earned her several awards. Named among the 50 Influential Women in Africa (Les Afriques file of March 15, 2012, page 49), Ms. LEGUEDE also received the:

- "Exceptional Woman" Trophy awarded by Africa Women’s Award in Yaoundé on May 25, 2019 in the category "Promotion and Integration of Young Girls in the World of Employment"

- "MDG AWARD 2013" awarded by WAF (Women Advancement Forum) in Johannesburg for the contribution to the emancipation, motivation, empowerment and advancement of Women.

- "AFRICAN GOLDEN STAR" awarded in Lomé in 2012

- "TIAW 2011 WORLD OF DIFFERENCE 100 AWRAD" awarded by The International Alliance for Women (TIAW) on October 27, 2011 in Washington DC

- "Prize of Excellence" awarded in 2011 by the "Woman Leader" Committee of Togo Nominated Woman Leader 2011 in Togo

- "OSCARS DE L’ENTREPRENEURIAT FEMININ 2009" awarded by KAFOUR in Cotonou in August 2009 in tribute to Distinguished Women Entrepreneurs of Africa for their leadership qualities and contribution to the economic development of the continent.

- "HALO D’OR 2009" Recognition and Honor for the remarkable and innovative actions and for the Leadership affirmed within the women of TOGO awarded by the JUNA.