Amina Azia OURO AGORO     ( Responsible MINAGRO GROUP)

After obtaining her BTS (Brevet de Technicien Supérieur) in International Trade in 2009, she had to do some advanced training at SE2M, a maritime handling company, at CEET, the electric power company of Togo, in the Panafrican Bank ECOBANK, to name just that in billing, procurement and telemarketing services.

She took the initiative to create her own company CAFIJ-FIL, an agro-semi-industrial training center for young girls leaders in 2013, which in 2017 became MINAGRO GROUP.

Loving agriculture, the environment and especially keen to reduce the post-harvest losses generated, she chose the agro-industry field for processing and conservation in order to improve the living conditions of women.

She had the opportunity to be supported by the US Embassy in Togo, and to have recognition awards at national and international level.

The 1st prize of the JED in Togo, the 1st prize for young companies in Togo, the 2nd prize of the Green Start-up challenge of the 2IE school in Burkina-Faso, to name only those; She also shared her expertise during international meetings, notably during a panel on the promotion of local products at the AGOA forum in Washington in 2018.

Officially decorated with the Order of Merit by the President of the Togolese Republic, Amina Azia Ouro-agoro is a visionary who intends to make her company a multinational established in several West African countries.

Its ambition is to improve the supply of local food products to consumer markets, ensure the integration of locally processed products into international trade, give added value to local products and create jobs for vulnerable groups, especially women. .