Nathalie BITHO


Nathalie BITHO     ( Provisional Administrator of Sarakawa and Lebenin Hotels,)

Ms. Nathalie Manzinèwè BITHO, trained at the Conservatory of Arts and Crafts in Paris, is a Chartered Accountant with a French State diploma.

She is a founding partner of her Chartered Accountant and Statutory Auditor, IIC SARL. President of the Special Consular Delegation of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Togo (CCIT) since January 2021, she was responsible for the portfolio of youth employment in the HOUNGBO Government; As such, she was the initiator of several Programs such as the Youth Employment Program, National Volunteering, labor intensive work ...

Madame BITHO is the current Provisional Administrator of Sarakawa and Lebenin Hotels. She was also Director of the Togo National Branch of the Regional Stock Exchange (BRVM) and Financial Director of BIA Togo.

Nathalie BITHO is also a TRAINER in matters relating to the exercise of the profession to Masters graduates in Management from the Universities of Lomé and Kara and to Financial Directors, Accountants, Managers of various local companies.

A strong woman and a woman of character, Nathalie BITHO is recognized for her passion for a job well done and the search for excellence, which earned her one of the highest honorary distinctions in 2019, Officer of the Order of Mono .