Raymonde Kayi LAWSON BOE-ALLAH     ( Deputy-Notary)

Born on April 9, 1968, the deputy-notary completed her secondary studies in Paris, at the Notre Dame de l'Assomption high school, leading to a series B baccalaureate in 1988.

Completing her secondary studies, she entered the University of Paris X Nanterre where she successfully obtained her master's degree in Private Law in 1993. She continued her studies during the same year and in the same institution where she graduated with a Diploma. of Specialized Higher Studies (DESS) in notarial law in 1994.

A lover of notarial law, to refine her skills in the field and become a key person, she brilliantly obtained her Diplôme Supérieur du Notariat (D.S.N.) at the Center de Formation Professionnelle Notariale in Paris.

Woman of experience, she worked in the notarial office of Maître MILHAC et ASSOCIES and in the conservation of mortgages in Paris in France. Having also practiced to have a masterstroke with Master MESTRE Guy, she set up her own notarial office in the year 2000.

Woman of conviction, politically engaged alongside the majority party UNIR, she held the post of President of the Women's Convention for UNIR (CFU) and is a member of the African Parliamentary Union (UPA) and of the World Parliamentarian Action Network ( Parliamentarians for Global Action). Raymonde Kayi LAWSON BOE-ALLAH, before being a member of the National Assembly, was a notary and is still the National Delegate of the UNIR Women's Movement (MFU).

Attached to people and passionate about social justice, she currently holds the honorable post of President of the Human Rights Commission of the National Assembly.