Kobauyah TCHAMDJA Epouse KPATCHA     ( Magistrate, Director of the Seal, Nationality and Civil Identity of the Togolese Republic)

Born on June 4, 1967, the Director of the Seal, Nationality and Civil Identity and Magistrate of her State completed her secondary studies at Chaminade College in Kara, leading to a baccalaureate in 1983.

Finishing her secondary studies with Brio, she entered the University of Benin, now the University of Lomé, where she successfully prepared her master's degree in Law in 1992. In 1993, she entered the renowned school, Ecole Nationale d'Administration (ENA) where she graduated with a magistrate's diploma in 1995.

In the register of her glowing experiences, president of the second and third correctional chamber of the court of Lomé, she was judge-commissioner in the procedures of liquidations and receiverships of commercial companies, at the Court of First Instance of First Class of Lomé .

Her brilliant career, so rich in experience, allows her to be sometimes a member of several bodies such as the scientific council, the advisory committee on competition of the West African Economic and Monetary Union (UEMOA), sometimes consultant and focal point on several subjects of major interest, sometimes trainer at the training center for legal professions, sometimes president of the Mediation and Arbitration Committee of the Togo Arbitration Court (CATO).

As if not always to end it all, a great passionate about culture, she participated in the development of draft revision of laws and other texts being revised without disdaining her multiple conferences, study and training trips on various and varied themes including human rights, OHADA law, sustainable development. And as her heyday continues to ring, she is newly elected member of the UN Human Rights Committee until 2024.

The Director of the Seal, Nationality and Civil Identity, before taking up this post, was President of the Second Civil and Commercial Chamber and President of the Civil Matrimonial Chamber.

Director of the Seal, Nationality and Civil Identity since September 21, 2012, TCHAMDJA Kobauyah is married and a mother.