Dédé Akpedje Messan


Dédé Akpedje Messan     ( President of Association  and City Councillor )

Born on September 30, 1987, Dede Akpedjé MESSAN holds a BTS in International Trade, she started early in business trade between China and Togo.

Young woman fighter filled with talents, she has been successful in her commercial activities until 2013 when following the fire of Lome’s big market, she was unemployed for two years. 

Thanks to her efforts and her passion for her work, Nadège started a venture in 2016 by creating Perfect Events, a communication, event, decoration, and catering agency, which is very well known and sought after in the industry today.

Mrs. Dede Akpedjé MESSAN has received several distinctions, including

- 1st Ambassador young woman leader Togo 2019 at the 5th National Summit of Women Leadership by PPDC Africa

- Crowned Model of African Leadership by the NGO Rebranding Leadership Development in Africa in Ibadan, Nigeria in February 2020

- Awarded Egbé Nana by Procema in partnership with the EU in January 2020

- Merit Trophy by Famath production in October 2020 in Lomé

- Recognition as a Woman of Influence Togo 2020 at the 6th National Women's Leadership Summit in December 2020 by the NGO PPDC Africa in Lomé

- Best civil society actor in the category of Women's Rights during the Covid 19 by the CACIT in February 2021

- Recognition Femme Battante (Driven Women)  by the NGO Étoiles d'Afrik in Cotonou in March 2021

She is now the President of the Forum of Single Mothers FMC and the President of the Association of Local Elected Women of Togo (FELT).