Marthe Nounfoh FARE


Marthe Nounfoh FARE     ( Social Activist/President of the movement No is NO)

Marthe FARE, born Nounfoh Fare, was born in 1985 in Lomé. Passionate about journalism, she became known through her active participation in several youth programs on Radio Zephyr.

During her university studies, she was recruited as a news anchor by the private television station TV7. She practiced this profession while studying modern literature. Then she received a scholarship for training at the Ecole Supérieure de Journalisme in Lille, from which she graduated.

Upon her return to Togo, she positioned herself as a web journalist specializing in new media. She is also a trainer in web journalism at the École supérieure des techniques, des arts et de la communication (ESTAC).

Marthe Fare has worked in several international and national media and is the executive producer of Egbe Nana, a program promoting Togolese women.

An influential author and blogger, Marthe Fare is very committed to women's rights issues and sexual violence. She initiated in 2018 the No is No movement to fight against sexual violence towards women. She currently directs the PEN-International center in Togo.